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Welcome to
Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church

We want you to feel at home as you make new friends and enjoy a heartfelt worship experience that makes a real difference in your life. It is our mission “To passionately live and share the truth about our loving God”, and we hope this can be your desire too. You are welcome to join us any time, and we would love for this to be your spiritual home.

Planning a Visit to Hillview?

Here are some helpful tips.

Group Discussions

Arrive at 9:20 AM for a bible based discussion with peers. We have groups for all ages. For directions please see our helpful welcoming team when you arrive.

Beginners (0-2 yrs)

Kindergarten (3-5 yrs)

Primary (6-9 yrs)

Junior (10-12 yrs)

Early Teens (13-16 yrs)

Youth (17+ yrs)



The weekly children Sabbath school (Bible study) classes each week contain songs, crafts, quizzes, games and Bible stories.

Worship Service

After the group discussions, meet some of the friendly people and hang around for the worship service at 11:00.

During the worship service we join in congregational singing, prayer, and an inspirational talk from our pastor, elder, member or a special guest. Children are invited to join their parents during the church service where there will be a children’s story for them. At Hillview we strive for intergenerational worship services. So there ought to be something for the entire family.

The church has a fully equipped parents room to look after your little ones. Including an AV link to the main church service


Community is an important part of the Christian life. At Hillview we strive to make guests feel welcome and included in our community.

Here are three ways that you can join in.

After the worship program is complete enjoy some fellowship and some light refreshments.
On the first Saturday of every month we have a fellowship lunch. The Regular’s bring their best dishes and we all share a meal.
If you are joining us for a weekend where there is not a lunch on, please let us know you are coming and we will make sure you enjoy some fellowship with some of the locals.