Our Mission
To passionately live and share the truth about our loving God.

in the community of Morisset by:

  1. Bringing the healing power of Jesus Christ’s Love to ALL relationships — with God, with family, in the neighbourhood, with the church and with nature.
  2. Worshiping God in a meaningful and relevant manner
  3. Creating opportunities to carry God’s Gospel to the world

This year as a church we will

in small groups

  • Training Leaders
  • Enrolling members
  • Establishing new groups
  • Discovering existing groups

to young people

  • Involving Young people
  • Encouraging Leadership
  • Employing a Youth Pastor
  • Mentoring

What do Seventh Day Adventists Believe?

As a Christian church, we are a faith community grounded in the teachings of the Bible.We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is our guide for living a fulfilling lifestyle.

Through the study of the God’s word the Seventh Day Adventist church has made statements that summarise its understanding of God’s intent for our lives. We call these fundamental beliefs. A great resource to find out more is to utilize the Global adventist website. www.adventist.org/beliefs/

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a global network of over 14 million members located in 200 countries across the world. We also operate schools, hospitals and development and relief agencies as we believe in not only caring for the spiritual needs but also the social and physical needs of the community.