Children & Young Adults

At Hillview Adventist Church it is our passion and vision to nurture, empower and equip our children & young adults for their lives ahead.

We focus on building rock solid faith foundations that support Biblical belief while kick-starting their own personal relationship with God.   It is our desire that our little ones through to young adults know Him, encounter Him, adore Him and develop their own personal relationship with Him.

In our Children’s Sabbath Schools, Children (and parents) learn to develop this relationship with God and their faith foundations through themed programs and lesson story times where they are engaged in learning, singing and activities that enable them to hear it, see it, say it, feel it and put it into action.

Youth and young adults are a valued demographic of our church family. Our Youth and young adult ministry is designed to provide guidance and support to these members of our Faith Family as they seek to navigate through the most challenging parts of their development and seek to grow in their person walk with Christ.
Youth and young adults meet together to share and study the Bible finding relevance for the stages of their own life journeys (university / further study / exploring the workforce / relationships / stepping out on their own) We encourage their leadership, involvement and sharing as participants of our wider church family and functioning.

Children’s Sabbath school (Bible Study) classes run from 9:30am until 10:30am after which time we welcome all ages to join together in praise and worship and spiritual growth in the main church service. We encourage, support and value the involvement and perspective of our children and young adults in leading aspect of the main worship services.

To find out more about different age groups, please click below.

Opportunities for our children and youth are further supported through our Adventurer and Pathfinder programs. These programs exist for children age 4 through to 16 and provide safe and supportive places for young people to challenge themselves, gain confidence and build healthy relationships.

For more information on these programs, please see the Adventurers / Pathfinders section of our website.

Our Child Protection Policy is reviewed periodically and all personnel complete “Working with Children” checks.

Kindergarten 3 – 5 years

Our lively Kindergarten Sabbath School features themed programs for 3 – 5 year olds (and their parents as required) The four focus themes, run on a 2 year cycle, develop Bible knowledge, faith and personal relationship with Jesus through activities, music, crafts, the Gracelink Kindergarten lesson and engagement with the Bible. Themes
  • Hero’s of the Faith (Bible heroes and the faith in action)
  • Going Deeper (Getting to know Jesus more through the Bible)
  • Growing with God (Following in Jesus’ footsteps)
  • Under construction (Fruits of the spirit)

Beginners 0 –2 years

Our Beginners Sabbath School program provides Bible-based learning for children aged 0 – 2 and their parents / carers. Through 4 main themes that run on a 5 – 6 monthly cycle over 2 years our littlest ones are provided with routine, familiarity, repetition, fun and music that helps them internalise and realize the love of our creator. We also follow the Gracelink Beginner lesson with the lesson story being taught each week in a different format over the course of a month. Themes 1) Living Like Jesus 2) Heaven is a Wonderful Place 3) Jesus is my Friend 4) God Created Our Wonderful World * December = a Christmas theme telling the story of Jesus Birth and the real focus of Christmas time.

Primary 6 – 9 years

For slightly older children, our Primary Sabbath School class provides an opportunity for children to put their faith, belief and relationship with God into action. Gracelink Primary and PowerPoint lessons are supported with action based learning that encourages a service and community focus. Serving both within the church and the wider community is another foundation block in developing their Bible knowledge, faith and personal relationship with God.

(JETS) Juniors 10-12 years and Early Teens 13-16 years

For upper Primary and High School children, helping them transition into young adults through discussions and mentoring. Teens are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the Christian faith and it’s application in life. Gracelink Primary and PowerPoint lessons are supported with action based learning that encourages a service and community focus.

Friendship Group

Our friendship group is open to all parents with small children who are not yet attending school.  We operate in the Church grounds on Tuesday mornings from 9:30am till 11:30am.  Through music, stories, crafts, cooking, free play and lots of outdoor exploration and engagement with nature, we foster a friend and support network in a safe place for our parents and little ones. We also run quarterly family Sunday outings and monthly Sabbath afternoon walks and picnics. All families with children are openly invited to attend these and invite along their extended family members and friends. Miniature Trains from hillviewchurch on Vimeo.

Adventurers and Pathfinders

Psalm 145:4 “One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts …” Our Church Pathfinder and Adventurer programs are an avenue that allows intergenerational sharing, learning and the passing of knowledge of God’s mighty acts and deeds from one generation to the next. These programs are part of a global Adventist network of clubs and provide awesome opportunities for our young people and their families to connect and develop a sense of purpose in our local, wider and church community. Each year our Conference leadership set a theme for these programs. The theme for 2019 is ‘Got Purpose?”